OMNI SOLARPOWER, INC. supplies and installs affordable and high quality solar energy systems to the people of the Philippines and other countries. It started its operation in the City of  Davao, Philippines then to other parts of the World. The company joins the governments and communities to safeguard the environment by offering products and services that are affordable and promote safe and healthy environment. Significant part of the revenue generated finances various charitable projects for less fortunate people. Also, it is committed to fair business dealings to its customers, suppliers and shareholders. Furthermore, the company looks after the welfare of its officers and employees.

Our long term objective is to become the leading company that provides design, installation and supply of products and services that pertains to solar and other renewable energy systems worldwide.

Our team is composed of licensed professionals and trade men and women in different fields who are customer oriented with the dedication to quality service and integrity in each transactions. We are committed to make our customers understand from the necessity of solar energy to how to operate and effectively maintain the newly installed system.

With strong ties to North American partners and suppliers from Germany and Australia, we are committed to world class quality of products and services. Thus, we only offer reliable brands in lowest prices.

Also, with our flexible packages, we offer you solar energy system that suits your home, business needs and budget for a more economical, stable energy and profitable operations.